www.fedloan.org Servicing Loan – All About It

www.fedloan.org Servicing Loan – All About It

FedLoan Serving was created by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) to conduct loan servicing operations for federal-owned loans. They provide customer service to student loan borrowers whose loan is owned by the U.S government.

www.myfedloan.org has created a portal for schools, borrowers and partners so as to give them opportunity to easily access their services such as signing in and accessing loan servicing, imaging and call-monitoring systems.

FedLoan Servicing unit services loans under its federal contract in order to reduce confusion among borrowers provide clarity to schools and allocation of staff that are responsible for servicing new direct loans.

The www.myfedloan.org portal is always dedicated and committed to attend to the needs of Federal Student Aid vendors and staff. With www.myfedloan.org you can do a lot of activities on your account. These include;

  • Making online payments
  • Updating your address whenever you want
  • Checking your loan balance.
  • Advance payments scheduling
  • Viewing your payment history

For schools, www.myfedloan.org avails services that allow students to repay their loans while ensuring the default rates remain low.

www.myfedloan.com allows students to access a full suite of products and services by availing the school portal. This enables students to manage student repayment. This site is always dedicated to help each of the borrowers achieve successful repayment.

On this site, you are able to find forms for students who really need to successfully manage loan repayment.

You can also have the chance to check out free publications on this site and get tips on how to set up a default prevention plan.

FedLoan Servicing is also committed to provide schools with high quality training and as a result they have developed a program known as FiveStar Training. This training involves various training options and topics whereby you are given a chance to pick the subject matter and level of information you need. Some of the training options include;

  1. Listen to an event recording or attend a webinar for high level details.
  2. View their presentation handouts.
  3. Watch their tutorials for clear instructions on specific tasks.
  4. Utilize their various toolkits to create awareness campaigns.

FedLoan has developed a public service loan forgiveness toolkit for the borrowers so as to ensure they utilize it to educate and inform students as well as alumni on the public service forgiveness toolkit.

They have also developed another customized quarterly communication tool known as FedLoan Servicing Bulletin which enables students to get an overview of their portfolio.

Students and alumni can get educated on the requirements of the TEACH Grant commitment using the TEACH Grant Toolkit made available by www.myfedloan.org.

www.fedloan.org has also availed a Public Service Loan Forgiveness Toolkit which is meant to provide education and information to students and alumni concerning the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

www.FedLoan.org enables you to manage your account giving detailed instructions on how to update your contact information such as changing your name and other details.

Through www.myfedloan.org, FedLoan Servicing offers various repayment options such that borrowers can have the opportunity to choose the method that best suits their needs. FedLoan is always working to make things simple and convenient for their borrowers.

www.fedloan.org Servicing Loan – All About It

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