www.HostGator.com has been around for quite some time now, and is one of the leading web hosting service providers in the market today. For those who have been using the internet to market their businesses, whether personally or as a company, you obviously understand what web hosting is all about. But for those who are yet to understand the whole thing, this article seeks to clarify some of the myths surrounding web hosting.The first step is obviously for you to have a website. If you haven&rsqu..

HostGator Login – www.hostgator.com Order Account | Coupon

www.HostGator.com has been around for quite some time now, and is one of the leading web hosting service providers in the market today. For those who have been using the internet to market their businesses, whether personally or as a company, you obviously understand what web hosting is all about. But for those who are yet to understand the whole thing, this article seeks to clarify some of the myths surrounding web hosting.

The first step is obviously for you to have a website. If you haven’t made that step yet please do, or have someone design a website for you. As it is with many first-time web sites, the goal is to try and reach as many visitors as you can to your site. So the web designer’s task is to try and make the website as attractive as possible. Then comes the next step of getting it out to the world.

How to Order an Account on www.Hostgator.com

As a step-by-step procedure, www.HostGator.com makes it easier and more affordable for you, with the promise of being with you every step of the way. This is where you begin.

1.After visiting www.hostgator.com, click on the “Get Started Now” tab right at the beginning of the webpage.

2.This leads you to choosing a plan. As an individual, you can start with the Hatchling Plan. The other two plans are the Baby and Business plans. Here you get a single domain that is for your site alone. This can be good for bloggers, or if you want to post your personal stuff online. HostGator partners with other web applications to help you design a good and attractive website.

Starting from as low as .96 per month, you can enjoy unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. If you have a site where your visitors can leave comments, post videos, and the like, this can come in handy. Additionally you get an SSL certificate which is simply a way of protecting your company’s content in digital data files.

3.Now that you have selected your plan, the next page leads you to the order form. Here you fill out your details like, domain name which you then choose either of the seven domain endings. It is up to you to know from the onset what your website is all about.

Next, choose the username, four to eight digit security PIN, and then proceed to fill in your billing details.

4.Other additions are there towards the end of the order form, which once you get familiar with you can fill them out. There may be additional charges involved, but the bottom line is to try and make your website more secure, more visible, and more fun. At the end of the order, you will see the breakdown of what you have ordered with the total at the very bottom.

Next, just accept the terms and conditions by ticking the box, and then you can check out.

Hostgator Maximum Discount Coupon Code

So, Now let us come to the point which is saving money. Who doesn’t want discount. Now this is where we can use coupons, You will find many coupons for hostgator but here we will provide the best coupon for hostgator giving you maximum discount on web hosting. and I will tell you the cheapest coupon available.

Hostgator 25 % Discount coupon

starturwebsite25 – Using this coupon you can avail 25% discount on your total hosting bill. This coupon can come very handy if you are ordering hosting for a long term like 1 year or more and this will save tons of your valuable Money, Just enter this coupon code. and you will get the maximum discount.

Hostgator 1 Penny Coupon

starturfreeweb – Now this coupon can be a good option if you are ordering web host for 1 month billing cycle as this coupon can cut down your first month billing total to 0.01$ that is almost FREE. With this you can order hosting for just a penny. This is the best coupon if you are a beginner and want to order your hosting for a short term. What you just need to do is use this coupon on the checkout page and your billing total will be summed up to almost FREE.

Hostgator Login | Billing or cPanel Login

The step you have made has led you to your www.hostgator.com own account, with a user name, and password (security PIN). From there it is you and the company. There are over 850 employees who can offer you the support you need in any case, including the CEO himself. If you have a problem, you can post it and you will get a ticket. As soon as you post your concern, it will be picked up and a solution will be found.

Logging In to the HostGator web hosting you need to follow the below step by step procedure. Just remember that cPanel and Billing Login is different and you need to follow different steps to login.

Hostgator Billing Login

  1. Go to billing.hostgator.com and you will be taken to the customer portal
  2. Enter Your Registered Email and Password
  3. Click Login and You can now visit your customer portal

Thats It! this is all you need to do in order for HostGator billing account login. From customer portal you can manage your packages, domains and other account related services like support.

Hostgator cPanel Login

  1. Go to your registered email address and look for an email from HostGator having your Account Information.
  2. In the email, look for the cPanel Address, Username and Password
  3. Visit the cPanel Address and enter the username and password.
  4. Click Log In and you can now visit your Website’s cPanel

HostGator cPanel url looks something like this https://gator1234.hostgator.com:2083. Your each website has its own cPanel from where you can manage your website like FTP, mySQL, Backups, etc.

www.HostGator.com Review – Features Making It The Best

HostGator realizes that you need to get a lot from your website. So to make it much much easier, there are many offers that you can subscribe to using your account.

As you grow your knowledge about using the web, because it is a never ending cycle, you will get to understand terms like VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting. There is also Windows hosting and Application hosting. As your business grows, you will obviously need some other mechanisms to help your growth.

Did you know that there is a way you can make money off your website, apart from your core business? That’s right, with Reseller hosting. With the unlimited domains, you can register other websites from your friends into your own account. You then get to charge them for hosting their sites.

This could be a lot to handle at once, so for the purposes of those uninitiated, we will stick to the basics. Some of that technical stuff comes with a lot of practice and patience; while you watch your companies grow.

There may be many challenges along your website’s journey, but with obstacles comes the lessons. HostGator’s assurance of being with you every step of the way is a way of letting you know that you have the support. I may not pin-point all the problems of web hosting in this article, because of the uniqueness that is in websites. It therefore helps to have a dedicated group of experts who can solve your problems in a unique way.

Just to make your understanding clearer, it would be helpful to watch some of the tutorials at the bottom of the webpage, under the support tab. You can also join forums of discussions, chat with any of the staff online, or just get to learn a thing or two from other business owners using the Business on Tapp app.

They say that a lot lies in a name. HostGator chose an alligator as its mascot, so to speak. To me it represents the vigor by which the company tackles its business. It is a cutthroat business world out there and to be able to handle web hosting for millions of companies is not easy. I commend them for being at the top of their game for so many years, which has seen them receive many awards and recognition from all across the world. I know that there is a lot in store, and still more yet to come, in www.HostGator.com that will help build the web hosting experience even more personal and fun. Let’s just hope it stays on forever.

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